Tuesday, December 1, 2009

our story

adam and nicole met in june of 2008.  they started dating in july of 2008.  adam kissed nicole on their first date.  he then told her he loved her after 2 weeks of dating.  their first summer together was awesome.  they had a lot of fun and had many adventures.  adam was heading back to byu at the end of the summer and wanted nicole to move up there too.  she decided that would be a good idea, and started looking for housing and schooling.  adam moved back to provo in august and nicole headed up 2 weeks later.  he was finishing up generals and prerequisites to apply for the isys program, and nicole started attending cosmetology school.  they dated up in provo, and had the time of their lives.  in december during winter break nicole broke her ankle and adam took care of her while she healed.  that is when nicole knew for sure that this was the man she wanted to marry.  so adam popped the question on february 5, 2009.  adam took nicole to the museum of art on byu campus then took her to the statue gardens outside of it, where he told me to look at the reflection of the moon in the pond while he got down on one knee.  nicole couldn't see the reflection of the moon because adam was in the way so she told him he needed to move and when he didn't she looked at him and he had the ring out.  she of course said yes, then they went to magleby's for dinner.  (magleby's is also where they went to dinner for their first 3 anniversaries).  they were sealed for time and all eternity on april 25, 2009 in the salt lake city temple.  they honeymooned on a cruise to catalina island and ensenada, mexico.  that summer adam was accepted into the information systems program at byu.  in december nicole finished hair school and started working at a barber shop.  the summer of 2010 adam was accepted into the masters program of information systems management.  the summer of 2011 they interned in san jose, ca.  at the end of the summer adam accepted a job offer from the company to work there after he graduated.  adam graduated in april 2012.  a few weeks later adam and nicole found out they were pregnant.  they moved to fremont, ca in july 2012.  they found out they were having a girl in september 2012.  eloise joan was born on december 28, 2012.  she is the best thing that has happened to adam and nicole.  she feels their hearts with joy they could never even imagine.  and that is us.

their first date

the proposal

 the wedding day
 the first baby

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