Tuesday, December 1, 2009

about us

the boy

adam: born september 25 in grandview, missouri.  he is the 2nd of 6 children.  he has an older and younger brother, and 3 younger sisters.  he has lived in missouri, utah, oregon, back to utah, back to oregon, back to missouri, then nevada.  he served his mission in argentina.  he attended and graduated with a masters in information system management from brigham young university.  he is a lover of football,  he enjoys traveling, playing video games, running, eating, and being a husband and daddy.

the girl
 nicole: born august 22 in las vegas, nevada.  she is the 2nd of 5 children. she has an older brother and 3 younger brothers.  she loves being the only girl in her family.  she was definitely a little bit of a tom boy growing up.  she was born and raised in las vegas and henderson.  she attended hair school at dallas roberts academy in provo, utah.  she is a lover of delicious food.  she enjoys photography, playing video games, traveling, playing sports (not watching), and being a wife and mother to the cutest baby girl she could have ever asked for. 

the baby
 eloise: born december 28 in fremont, ca.  she is the first born of adam and nicole.  she is the biggest joy in her parents life.  she loves to eat, pretty much whatever food we put in her face (except avocados) and her tiger hobbs.  she enjoys crawling, getting into things she shouldn't, playing with her toys. giggling, being tickled, dancing, and making her parents smile.

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